ABout Me

I have been writing about spaceships, dragons and adventures since I was twelve years old. My passion for fantasy began when I discovered a box set of the Hobbit radio drama on cassette tape in my school’s library at the age of seven. I fell in love with fantasy worlds and soon discovered D&D and Warhammer miniatures. Not wanting to be limited by worlds designed by others, I created Thutopia (now called the Thuton Empire), a fantasy world of my own which I still write about to this day.

Like many kids with an affinity for fantasy, a love of science fiction soon followed. I loved sweeping space operas and gritty cyberpunk stories which asked questions about man’s relationship to technology. That led me to write my first published work, Into Neon: A Cyberpunk Saga, which takes place in a larger science fiction universe.

I have a passion for travel and wildlife and when I am not off trying to see the world, I live in San Francisco with my wife and son.

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