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History of the Cyberpunk Saga world

  • Xuefeng Robotics created automatons called drudges which are cheap enough to replace human labor in many sectors.

  • In an increasingly automated world, humans begin to get cybernetic augments to compete for jobs with the drudges.

  • Conventional physics defied, interstellar travel begins in earnest.

  • Habitable planets were discovered, Dyeus Industries begins colonizing space.

    • Colonists starts to experiment with Accelerated Evolution Bioengineering to help adapt to life on distant planets.

  • Earth’s population reaches a critical mass and starvation gives way to riots.

  • ThutoCo researchers genetically modify a weather resistant plant which can, “feed the world and restore a healthy planet.”

  • The plant is quickly nicknamed “prophet root” or “P root” for short.


  • Many crops are replaced around the world with the fields of prophet root.

  • New, higher yield strains were rushed to market without governmental oversight..

  • A strange fungus grows on the unchecked plant.

  • The Great Pandemic (more information to come, stay tuned):

    • The fungi infect farmers

    • Companies scrabble to find a cure

    • Cities erect walls to keep out the infected, many fall

    • Massive quarantines lead to the rise of digital education and lifestyles 

    • National governments are blamed and fall as well, giving way to powerful city-states.

  • Though claiming to be unable to cure the disease, ThutoCo unveils a spray which could stem the spread of the fungus and it’s aerosolized counterparts. They simultaneously announce a method for treating the infected plants to make it viable for human consumption once again. ThutoCo begins buying up land owned by surviving farmers hoping to make a life for themselves in the cities, as well as surrounding land previously claimed by national governments.

  • As chaos engulfs the planet, the colonists on other planets begin revolting and working together to break free of their corporate rule.

  • Back on earth, much of the planet’s population has been decimated and vast, walled in mega cities are all which remain- run by mayors funded by corporations and inflated taxes.

  • The Carcer Corporation is hired to police the bloated cities and outlying lands.

  • ThutoCo erected fields of misters to keep the cities safe from the spread of infection.

  • As the land outside the cities is deemed unlivable, the companies begin establishing farms of crops and solar panels which can be tended by drudges operated remotely.

  • Burbs, large corporate housing structures were built within the city walls for refugees who took jobs from the remaining companies.

  • ThutoCo’s president formed a clandestine organization with the planet’s other largest companies to work together to control the world’s wealth. They deemed this group the Amalgamated Interests Council.   

  • In western North America, land disputes became a problem for ThutoCo. Andreas City had given land claims to one of ThutoCo’s rivals and the company was not pleased. ThutoCo convinced the new mayor of B.A. City that a war with Andreas would be in both their interests: the company would build more Burbs to accommodate some of the city’s new population as a draft would help to cull some of the citizens.

  • B.A. City declared war on Andreas and, with the backing of ThutoCo, were victorious- though many lives were lost. ThutoCo was given the rights to all of the newly conquered land, cementing their stranglehold on the coast.

  • The Amalgamated Interests Council then set about making peace with the colonists (who had formed companies of their own), much to the chagrin of Dyeus.

  • The peace meant trade could resume between earth and off-world, though piracy was commonplace. The trade made the companies all the richer as new minerals and materials were shipped to the earth in exchange for crops and spices.

  • Occasional wars broke out between cities and companies but life on earth was mostly quiet.

  • The rich grew richer as the citizens of earth grew more poor and desperate.


I hope you enjoys this timeline of the world and that it was interesting and informative. I plan to write of The Great Pandemic as well as goings on beyond earth. Sign up for my mailing list or follow ThutoWorld on your preferred social media to keep up to date. Thanks for reading!

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