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The End of an Era

I can’t describe the feeling of holding the final book of A Cyberpunk Saga in my hand.

I began writing Moss’s journey in 2018 with the dream of becoming a published author and when I released Into Neon, it was absolute wish fulfillment. The fact that people enjoyed reading it as much as I had loved writing it was a delight like nothing I had ever experienced.

This series has changed my life. Because of it, I have made some incredible friends, had some amazing opportunities and grown as a person. I am so excited for what is next, but nothing will ever hold a place in my heart quite like this.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey. Click the link to grab Drudge Match: A Cyberpunk Saga (Book 7)!

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I need the last of the saga as, the full collection for my shelf. It would fit in as a nice contrast to Joe Abercrombie's "First Law"...

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The final two books are in production now; they should both be out before the end of 2023!! And I would love to see a picture of the series on the shelf beside Abercrombie- I honestly really love how the Cyberpunk Saga books look in print, the cover designer knocked it out of the park with the series. Especially given how the concept art I send him looks lol (I will have to post those)

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